03 Module, Mitsubishi Lancer X1.5, Outlander JDM

Car model:
  • RC
    Read Calibration Data
  • WC
    Write Calibration Data
  • RF
    Read full image data
  • WF
    Write full image data
  • ID
  • ER
    Read/write errors
  • CF
    Read/write configuration data
  • CS
    Calculate the checksum


Module 3 supports read and write the following types of processors used in M32r ECU engine control and ECU control active center differential:

MH8104F_(512K) by CAN

MH8104F_(512K) by Kline (repair/recovery)

MH8106F_(1024K) by CAN

MH8106F_(1024K) by Kline (repair/recovery)

EVO X ACD m32r (512K) by Kline

Added the ability to read and write coding, and reading and writing the Vin number. The module is able to display information about the version ON the ECU, VIN number, hardware implementation, UNIT and recalculate the checksum. As well as restore the Unlock button after unsuccessfully attempting to read/write with ECUFLASH program. Available recalculating the checksum.

Series processors used in the M32r ECU Mitsubishi software and restored from any state in line with the built-in bootloader.

When reading/writing it is desirable to disable the fan or connect the charger.

Car list

Brand Model Version Engine Software CV MY Brand ECU MCU ECUType Info Module
Car Mitsubishi Lancer X 1.5 MT SMF073 109 2007 Mitsubishi MH8104F 1860A731 ODB 3
Car Mitsubishi Lancer X 1.5 AT SMF072 109 2007 Mitsubishi MH8104F 1860A732 ODB 3
Car Mitsubishi Lancer X TCM 2007 Mitsubishi MH8104F 8631A083 Tab 3
Car Mitsubishi Lancer X TCM 2009 Mitsubishi MH8104F 8631A079 Tab 3
Car Mitsubishi Lancer X TCM 2009 Mitsubishi MH8104F 8631A080 Tab 3
Car Mitsubishi Outlander XL 2.4L - 4B12 SMF036 170 2006 Mitsubishi MH8106F 1860A622 ODB 3
Car Mitsubishi Outlander XL TCM 2008 Mitsubishi MH8104F 8631A076 Tab 3

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